The Bully Society: School shootings and the crisis of bullying in America's schools was selected for inclusion in Choice Magazine's Outstanding Academic Title list for 2013. It will appear in January 2013 issue of Choice Magazine. The book will also be on display at the upcoming American Library Association’s Midwinter Meeting, Jan 25-29, 2013, and at the Association of College and Research Libraries conference, April 10-13

Even if they are not getting beat up or shot at, students routinely endure verbal assaults and  torment from other students - €”often as school faculty look the other way, or worse, join in. For many children and teens across the country, school feels like a hostile, oppressive, and dangerous place. Why has vicious bullying become commonplace in schools? The Bully Society: School Shootings and the Crisis of Bullying in America's Schools delves into the roots of school violence in all its forms, from €everyday bullying to shooting rampages to the alarming rise in adolescent depression and suicide. read more»

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